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Giantseed Creative is a web design and marketing studio in Green Bay Wisconsin. Our greatest passion comes from working with our clients to help them acheive their marketing goals. We build success through creative solutions. Learn More »

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Getting a Blog Article Started

Have you ever had a great blog idea but just couldn’t quite come up with the right words to start it? After being in that bit of writers block my fair share of times, I’ve found a couple tricks that seam to work pretty well to get the blog written. Read the full article »

Posted: December 12, 2014

Tags: Blogging

Why? Why? Why? Why?

A few weeks ago I spent an afternoon watching a friend’s four year old daughter. Throughout the afternoon, she was asking me some questions, such as “Why are the leaves falling off the tree?” No matter what I would answer, she would always reply “Why?” I would explain why as best I could, and again she would reply “Why?” After we went through a few rounds of that, she finally got an answer that either made sense to her or worked for her. The next week I was working on a programming project and got stuck. Unable to find the solution, I put the same “Why? Why? Why? Why?” trick to use on myself. Read the full article »

Posted: December 02, 2014

Tags: General

Auto Play

I’m a big fan of having video and even audio on a website. Having that media adds a whole new level to the overall user experience. That user experience is what a great website is all about. What I’m not at all a fan of is having that media, video or audio, set to start playing on its own. The media needs to be set up so that the user has to start playing it. Read the full article »

Posted: November 25, 2014

Tags: VideoWeb Design