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Giantseed Creative is a web design and marketing studio in Green Bay Wisconsin. Our greatest passion comes from working with our clients to help them acheive their marketing goals. We build success through creative solutions. Learn More »

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Daily To-Do Lists

You may have heard that working form a to-do list everyday can save you up to two hours of work time each day. Some may argue the amount of time a to-do list can save, but a to-do list will certainly save time. Two things to remember for your daily to-do list: write it out the night before and write it out on paper. Read the full article »

Posted: October 08, 2014

Tags: Business

Don’t Bribe To Get a Good Review

When I was young, my mother seemed to know whenever I was up to something. She could pretty much tell without asking me any questions, and if I did anything to hide whatever scheme I was up to, it only became that much more obvious to her. Online reviews are like that in a lot of ways. If you do anything to bribe your customers into leaving a good review of your business, odds are that everyone reading those reviews will catch on. Read the full article »

Posted: October 02, 2014

Tags: Business

Benefits of Google Maps

If your business has a physical location where customers will be going (a store, restaurant, office, etc.), be sure to include a map to the location. Some websites will have a map designed to show where the business is located and how to get there, but what I always recommend is using a Google map. Read the full article »

Posted: September 24, 2014

Tags: Web Design